Your donations will go towards supporting the community of Egbeda in Ibadan, Nigeria by:

  • Improving the conditions and create livelihood to 210 families, especially women and youth, from 5 Villages: Ogunniya, Isale Apata, Apoku, Gidigidi, and ABA Baale village.
  • Impacting the regeneration of 1,200 hectares of land of the region.
  • Delivering a vocational programs with a one-on-one mentorship workshop approach in the territories while grouping local farmers in cooperatives.
  • Developing an online tailored educational platform for local farmers in the territories where our demo farms are located.

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About Us

We are building a better food system and more justice in agriculture by working on the ground and advocating for farmers

The Farm of Francesco was born as a youth co-created answer to Pope Francis’ call through agriculture. We started by listening to many young farmers and supporting them to develop regenerative farms as platforms to support, educate, and create Community with others. From different countries but with the same impulse to start solving these challenges, we found a Community that is walking towards answering the same call.

Advocating for Laudato Sì and Fratelli Tutti food systems right now through the Economy of Francesco global event

Delivering our first project in Nigeria

Register your interest to know more about the Farm of Francesco and what you can do to improve the current agriculture and food systems

The system is broken: Our call to action

Our current agriculture and food system is broken, from now, we have only 40 harvest left due to soil erosion caused by conventional agricultural practices and every year, we lose 12 million hectares due to desertification. This is rooted in non sustainable agriculture practices such as conventional arable production, till-farming, intensive monoculture and use of chemicals. Currently, most of the farmers in developing countries – roughly the 80% – are smallholders, most of them women, who own less than 2 hectares of land.

Despite having a key role in achieving global food security and nutrition, they are a vulnerable group who do not have the resources and knowledge to switch to more profitable and sustainable practices such as regenerative agriculture. Because of this, many farmers cant transition their productions or build a system that could lead them to regeneration, increase of economical results and productivity. Our current system has a critical systemic crisis, hence, we are called to co-build and support systemic solutions.

Pope Francis' call and the story of our common answer

Seeing that context and experiencing that current broken economy and system, in 2019, Pope Francis invited Youth from all over the world to act and invited entrepreneurs, changemakers and researchers to co-design and give new life and soul to the economy. 3000 youth responded and joined The Economy of Francesco, divided in 12 working groups, each of them combining two words that are not usually seen together in the current economy.

Within the “Agriculture & Justice” Working Group – 9 young entrepreneurs, changemakers and farmers representing 8 different countries – started exchanging experiences and sharing the main pains present in agriculture get closer to the main injustices we experience every day in agriculture and started dreaming in creating a prophetic and specific solution to transform the system toward Integral Ecology.

What started as a dream of 9 strangers getting in a Video Call, evolved into passionate discussions, conversations, brainstorming, voting, surveying, and continuous work. A story that evolved in friendship and in very specific acting.

Our Journey

  • Economy of Francesco - Assisi 2022

    The September 2022 event represents the first in-person meeting for young people called by Pope Francis to give a soul to the economy. The meeting will see young economic scholars, entrepreneurs, and changemakers, from more than 100 countries around the world, who have a desire to contribute to a new season of economic thought and practice.

    More information here.

  • Carlo Acutis Award 2022

    The international award aims to encourage fraternal economic projects from below, beginning with the difficult conditions faced by our suffering and least brothers and sisters.

    More information here. And here.

    Recording of the award ceremony.

  • Webinar #2 2022

    In our second webinar "What would a Laudato Si farm look like? " we have a conversation with Austen Ivereigh, author of the groundbreaking "Let Us Dream" book of Pope Francis.

    Watch the recording here.

  • Webinar #1 2022

    In our first webinar "Co-Creating Our Future Together Through Regeneration" we feature Eduard Müller from Costa Rica Regenerativa.

    Watch the recording here.

  • Interview for a new economy 2022

  • World Pulses Day 2022

    This celebration presents an opportunity to raise awareness about pulses and the fundamental role they play in the transformation to MORE efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable agrifood systems for better production, better nutrition, a better environment.

    More information here. Watch the recording here.

  • Justice and Ecology Congress 2022

    Loyola 2022 Justice and Ecology Congress, Spain.

    More information here.

  • Crowdfunding - October 2021

    Launched a crowdfunding campaign to support the development of our project in Nigeria.

  • Economy of Francesco Online Event 2021

    Initially planned to take place in-person, the 2021 Economy of Francesco event had to move online again, due to Covid19.

    More information here.

    Watch the recording here: EOF event.

  • UN Food Systems 2021

  • Groundswell 2021

    In our Groundswell ( presentation, we present "What can Pope Francis tell you about agriculture and justice?"

    More information here.

  • Agriculture & Justice #2

    Representing countries around the world, we decided to act now to mitigate the injustices in agriculture by co-creating solutions towards sustainable food systems and soil regeneration.

    More information here.

  • Agriculture & Justice #1

    Rooted in the Agriculture & Justice Startup Stream’s, the Farm of Francesco is a fire that kindles other fire. On a mission to restore our common home and our common farm, beginning with the land, our soil, our planet, in the spirit of integral ecology.

    More information here.

  • Demo Farms Nigeria & Brazil - 2021

    We launched two demo farms, one in Nigeria and one in Brazil. A learning process fundamental to bring us where we are today.

  • PROBLEM-SOLUTION FIT & Team - 2021

    We spoke to farmers, identified pressing problems and formalised our idea and solution. A diverse and multidisciplinary team was created.

  • Economy of Francesco - 2020

    Everything started in spring 2020 while we were preparing for the Economy of Francesco event, which then moved online due to Covid19.

    More information here.

    Recording: EOF Marathon Nigeria.

Become part of The Farm of Francesco. Support us and donate today by adopting one square meter of land.

You will receive a picture with your name and the location of your adopted land.

Join us in the answer to Pope Francis' call to improve the global Economy

To keep transforming our current broken system, we need your support. This is an invitation to make it together! As we are 10 today we could be thousands tomorrow. There is a special way to contribute to this idea that is already running and changing lives.

You can adopt a square meter in which a lot of food is going to be grown, soil is going to be regenerated and lives are going to gain opportunities. That square meter has a value investment of $10 and will be located in developing countries starting from our current demo farms in Nigeria and Brazil.

Rita and Ariel, two of our group members, are immersed in rural areas in developing countries, and have already begun the journey! Rita is a farmer and agronomist, and is the current Manager of The Farm of Francesco demo farm in Ibadan, Nigeria, a place of 2500 sqm, where diverse trees and vegetables are being cultivated. Ariel, Farmer and PhD in Permaculture from Brazil is the Current Manager of The Farm of Francesco demo farm in Manaus, Brazil that has a total of 1000 sqm and where agroforestry is being developed.

Your sqm could be in these initial locations, your name would be part of the group of people that really think things can change for the better.

Regenerative Agriculture

Implementing cover crops practices, combining perennials and trees, and compost/mob grazing

Impact the Community

Creating hubs for education of the local communities, especially women and youth

Improve the Environment

Regenerative agriculture helps increase soil health, reduce carbon emission and mitigate climate change

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Global Network of Demo Farms

We are developing a network of pilot farms rooted in
Regenerative Agricultural Practices and Vocational Education


We are a global and diverse team of farmers, entrepreneurs, researchers, engineers and activists representing Nigeria, Colombia, Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain, Mexico, China and Argentina

Our Commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

No Poverty

Quality Education

Gender Equality

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Responsible Consumption and Production

Climate Action

Life on Land

Partnerships for the Goals

Our Demo Farms

Ibadan, Nigeria

Manaus, Brasil

Articles About Us

Representing countries around the world, we decided to act now by mitigating the injustices, developing a global network of demo farms that put the farmer at the center and co-creating solutions towards sustainable food systems and soil regeneration.
Rooted in the Agriculture & Justice Startup Stream’s, the Farm of Francesco is a fire that kindles other fire. On a mission to restore our common home and our common farm, beginning with the land, our soil, our planet, in the spirit of integral ecology.
The Laudato Si’ Challenge partners with The Farm of Francesco — to grow their global network of demo farms committed to integral ecology and Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’.

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